How to track Ecommerce conversions from Phone Orders?

Ecommerce owners love conversions. But often, this love makes them forget about tracking the source of these conversions. And in a world where terms like apparently Clicks, Impressions and CPA rule, a huge number of people forget to track phone conversions, if at all. But can they really afford to?

A study shows that 64% of people get frustrated when they can only interact with a company online

Google reported that 70% of all mobile searchers have called a business directly from search ads

59% people would gladly use a phone to get a quick answer

And a 54% claim they’d call because they feel the information on website is insufficient for them

Clearly, if you’re not tracking your phone conversions, you are making a huge mistake. Time to make amends.

What to keep in mind while tracking calls?

There are several ways to implement call tracking but whichever method you choose keep the following points in mind.

Source tracking
Make sure the call tracking method implemented allows tracking the call source. This helps you recognize the channels that are more rewarding or efficient for generating phone calls.

Count no. of conversions
Always make a note of all the phone lead that end up as a sale. Also note conversion per channel. This will help you identify the number of conversions resulting from your efforts and channel them in the right direction

Assign value to conversions
Determine a value for each sale that is made from phone call. Assign conversion values for each channel

Calculate ROI
Compute the revenue generated per month per channel from phone sales

3 easy ways to track your Phone conversions

Unique phone numbers

The unique phone number tracking system works in a simple manner. Every channel or campaign can be assigned a unique phone number. For e.g




and so on…

The primary benefit of this method is that it can be used on granular level to that of a keyword and hence be extremely accurate with minimum data loss. However, this also makes it very costly, especially if you have too many campaigns or wish to track on a keyword level.

Phone extensions

Phone extensions are nearly identical to using unique Phone numbers. In lieu of distinct numbers, you simply have to assign different phone extensions to your campaigns or keywords.

The method is as reliable as using different phone numbers and also more cost effective than the former. The only inability here is the lack of endless extensions on various phone systems.

Code identifiers

Using code identifiers requires a bit of coding. Each of your campaigns lists the same number but below the phone number you install a code generator or hard code a unique number. Every time a person calls you, you may ask the person for the code below the phone number and it will help you identify the call source.

Although this is very economical, this method may also lead to slight data loss. Another challenge could be to train an efficient team of operators who can record the designated codes accurately each time.


Sales and leads generated from phone calls are often given less credit due to a large focus on leads generated from other digital marketing methods. In a world where every bit of data is crucial, disregarding the phone leads could cost you big. Fortunately, the rise in number of phone tracking services allows you to keep track of phone conversions in a cost effective and efficient manner. All you have to do is make up your mind and put a little effort to set up one for your store.