Does your online business really need marketing?

Let's make a small calculation, shall we...

According to NetCraft, about 571 websites are created every minute.

1 minute = 571 websites
1 hour = 60 X 571 websites
1 day = 24 X 60 X 571 websites

Total websites born in 1 day = 822,240

Just imagine, if your child was born alongside with that many a children, how hard it'd be to recognize him/her!

Now you decide. Does your business need online marketing?

Given the statistic above and a pinch of common sense, I'm sure most people would say Yes.

But do you really need to hire an expert or agency?

I think I'd say No.

It is true that a marketing expert (read real expert) or agency can definitely make things a lot easier for you.

But there are numerous stories about how a sole entrepreneur or a very small team of founders made it work. And by made it work, I mean they made real good money in the end, which is exactly what every business wants.

'tis true it takes a good amount of effort, some know-how of online marketing and solid determination.

But in the end it's possible...

Here's a few links to get you going.


I'm sure there are a lot more stories. The ones I share above is what I found with a quick Google search. I'll update the list whenever I can.

Meanwhile, here's what I suggest you do as an Entrepreneur.

Stop Procrastinating and Make a Choice

'Coz you may or may not bring in someone to promote your store, but one thing's for sure

Your online business does need marketing