5 amazing Amazon product pages for your inspiration

If you are an Ecommerce and you like to play for keeps then you’d know how critical a sales channel Amazon is. The Zeus of Ecommerce industry has revenues above $50 billion and square feet area more than 700 Madison Square Garden just for its warehouses. According to statistics, more than one third online buyers would go straight for Amazon compared to 13% that go for a traditional search engine. Another study from comScore states, Amazon product search has risen up to a staggering 73% whereas its closest foe Google Shopping has been pretty much stagnant. In nutshell, if you are an Ecommerce then you simply can’t bear an absence on Amazon.

But just signing up with Amazon and listing your products won't cut it. You must optimize your product page with intricate details about it. How your products rank on Amazon depends upon various factors - a topic for some other time. But creating an attractive and information rich page is a fantastic way to get a buyers attention.

We have shortlisted a list of 5 really creative Amazon product pages to get you inspired and help you rope in more sales.


Notorious for creating some of most iconic gadgets the world and their ability to amalgamate art with science simply puts Apple years forth than any of its competitors. Their Amazon product pages carry the same persona.

apple product page first image

apple product page second image The first part of Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic is not any different from a usual product page. But if you scroll down a bit you can see how cleverly they display the technical specifications in a neat tabular form. The tidily listed specifications provide every bit of necessary information that a consumer might consider all while purchasing. Below the technical specifications lies the product description that details further about the product.


The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has always been known and respected for the sleek design and it’s reliability. Although HTC isn’t amongst the top dogs when it comes to marketing but their Amazon product page for HTC One M7 32GB is as slick and beautiful as the smartphone itself.

HTC product page first image

HTC product page second image

The product description is a well narrated explanation of the product. The most innovative part is the how they have included the Spec Highlights of the product just below their logo. The description is itself broken down into sub-headings and paragraphs. There are additional vivid images for the product and at the bottom comes a nicely separated table for more technical details about the product. Well done HTC. Bravo!


The American audio manufacturer JBL is renowned for its premium audio devices and equipment. The quality and richness JBL offers in its devices is also reflected in their Amazon product page for JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker.

JBL product page first image BL product page second image

The product description consists of eye candy product images and well written product description text beautifully surrounded by border. The description contains links to the Owner’s Manual and Feature Benefits.


Japanese multinational Panasonic has been creating cutting edge electronic gadgets since 1918. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 is no different story. Panasonic has tried their best to bring their brand’s legacy with a spectacular product description.

Panasonic product page first image Panasonic product page second image

Although Panasonic could have made better utilization of the space for bullet points for sure they have made use of the space for product description splendidly with many gorgeous images, each accompanied by descriptive text and subheadings.


The King of Ecommerce shows us why exactly it holds the #1 spot. The Amazon product pages are truly modern art in Ecommerce. As can be seen on their Amazon Fire TV product page. Clear bullet points with bold headlines are bound to grasp visitors’ attention right from the moment he lands on the page.

Amazon product page first image

Scroll below just a little and you can see a glorified product description with knife sharp images and carefully drafted description text. The page contains video links, brand logos and even graphical depiction of how to use it. Towards the end Amazon also decided to offer a comparison chart. Although the page is slightly long but there are no two ways that it looks amazing.

Amazon product page second image Amazon product page third image Amazon product page fourth image Amazon product page fifth image


Your Amazon product page is a great way to get more attention for your products. As Ecommerce grows, the consumers also tend to become more knowledgeable about their purchases. A handsome product page with a little branding could go a long way to for your product.